Acupuncturist E.J. Han in her Seattle office
E.J. Han with her patient, April 2010

Patients from Los Angeles
Office, July 2009

Testimonials from acupuncture patients in Seattle and Los Angeles

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Frozen Shoulder - Adhesive Capsulitis

"You are a miracle worker! My doctor said that it can take up to 2 years. You did it in 2 months. My arm goes up now. 30 degree to 100 degree. Ialso sleep better after acupuncture." Linda Kadekawa, 47 years old from Seattle on 12-21-2012


"You are so caring yet professional! You value your patients" -Tasnim Harris from Seattle on 12-17-2012

Hamstring pain

"It is amazing! I came in for pain in hamstring and my hip feels best in 2 years. My digestive is better after acupuncture." -Taylor from Seattle on 11-30-2012

"I am remarkably better after 2nd sessions. I am still in pain." -Diane Fish from Seattle on 11-2-2012

Numbness and Tingling on Hands

"By 4th session, I was no longer waking up with numbness and aching pain in my arm, hand and fingers. The pain is still there." -Perry Franks from Seattle on 0-13-2012

Spondylolisthesis and Stenosis on lumbar spines ( hip and leg pain)
     after 4th session

"I felt 60% better. I only used the cane 2 to 3 times." - Kathleen Maryatt, 86 years old from Seattle on 9-24-2012

Total Hip Arthroplasty ( hip replacement surgery )
     and rotator cuff pain management for 3 years since October 2010

"Acupuncture has helped me tremendously with my pain management." - Dianne Brown, 64 years old from Union on 7-20-2012

Constipation with Diabetes

"After acupuncture my constipation has improved." - Cheryl Olsen from Seattle on 1-13-2012

Numbness and Tingling on Hand and Arm

"By the 4th session I was no longer waking up at night with numbness and aching pain in my hand and arm. The pain is still there." - Frank Perry from Seattle 9-21-2012

Former South Korean National Soccer Player Youth U 14-16 Leg injury,
     ankle sprain, lower back pain, shoulder pain management for last
     5 years since November 2008

"Acupuncture works well for my injury and pain." - DoHee Kim, 22 years from Seattle on 5-23-2012

Working with a family of a three generations

Mrs. Kim's Mom and Dad, her husband and their two daughters and Mrs. Kim with lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, arm pain and wrist pain.

"I love the way Dr. Han takes care of us. She is so sincere!" - YongHwa Kim from Mukilteo, 2-9-2012

Post Operation Numbness on a Leg

"It is amazing how numbness sensation is disappearing with acupuncture."
- Dee Baskerville from Seattle 3-14-2012

Migraine and Arm Pain

"Are you a miracle worker or a witch? My left arm is so much better. I can tell the difference when I change my clothes. I 've had migraine all my life. Now, I have not had it for a month." - Mary Levine from Seattle on 3-30-12 and 4-12-12


"Acupuncture made my headache go away after 4 sessions. No more Aleve and Advil daily" - Danel Lawrence from Seattle, 12-3-2010

Frozen Shoulder

"Acupuncture helped me with my shoulder. E.J. made me think about the way my shoulder works and how to maintain it." - Max Silverman from Seattle, 1-25-2012

Neck Pain and Frozen Shoulder

"I am a believer now" on 6-15-2012.

" Acupuncture cured my neck pain" - Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. from Seattle on 7-16-2-2012

Frozen Shoulder with radiating arm pain- Adhesive Capsulitis

"Absolutely, very very helpful with my arm pain and limited range of motion." -Irina Thompson from Seattle on 8-6-2012

" Now, I can feel the radiating sensation or Meridian." -Irina Thompson from Seattle on 7-23-2012

Herbs for Diet Supplement

“When I was going to high school, my parents got the prescribed herbs for me to drink in Los Angeles. After all these years now I am getting prescribed herbs for my children, a 7- year-old and 8-year-old for their diet supplement in Seattle.” - Kathy Park, 44 year old from Mercer Island, WA on 5-8-2008

Sciatica treated with acupuncture and herbs

“When I first came here, I had to use a walker. After three weeks of acupuncture, I was able to walk without the walker. I still have some pain but it is the most effective treatment that I ever had. Acupuncture is amazing. Now, my girlfriend and friends are coming here too.” - Reza Naderi, 63 years old Los Angeles, CA on 7-9-2009

Sciatica treated with acupuncture

“Having had back surgery and a recently herniated disc, I was having pain and difficulty walking. After a month of E.J.’s excellent care, I can walk for miles, pain free, and without any medication.” - Raymond Wlowkoski, Ph.D., 66 year old from Seattle, WA on 2-5 -2010

Legg Carve Perthes, Hip and Leg Pain with acupuncture

“I like coming to E.J. because she makes my pain go away.” - Elias Malakaff, 7 year old from Mercer Island, WA on 5-7-2010

Foot pain from high school P.E. Hockey treated with acupuncture

“Acupuncture is cool. It is fascinating that with simple needles they can help me.” - Mina So, 15 year old from Mercer Island, WA on 4-19-2010

Automobile Injuries, Coughs, Chronic Fatigue, Muscle Spasm treated
     with acupuncture and herbs

“I have had the good fortune of being a patient of the Oriental Acupuncture Clinic since in the early eighties and continue to be a patient today. I have the highest level of trust in the abilities and care of Dr. Jeung Sook Han who is a kind, dedicated and extremely capable and experienced acupuncturist. Dr. Han is always expanding her abilities by acquiring additional knowledge and techniques from the Korean and Chinese systems. Dr. Han has helped me recover from problems such as a bad cough, pulled muscle, a chronic fatigue syndrome to car accident injuries. Dr. Han has contributed to my health and my over all quality of life and for this I shall be always humbly grateful.” - Stephanie DuTan, from Los Angeles, CA on 4-29-2010

Sciatica treated with acupuncture and herbs

“Because of sciatica, I could not walk or sit down. It hurt even when I lay down. With acupuncture treatments, I was getting much better. Even though it did not remove the pain immediately, I felt less pain as the time goes by. It took me one month and a follow up session.” -HoonMee Chung, 20 year old, Bellevue, WA on 4-28-2010

Headache after Concussion

"I always feel better after acupuncture." -Sam Lehman, 17 years old from Mercer Island on 1-23-2013

Lower back and Hip Pain - Cervicogenic headaches and Lumbar Stenosis

"I really believe that acupuncture helps with my pain. Even my husband said I am in less pain when I have acupuncture every week." -haron Eastland from Tukwila on 2-1-2013

Sinus Congestion headache

"This is amazing." -Diane Fisch from Seattle 3-1-2013

Headache, Lower Back and Hip Pain - Cervicogenic headaches and
     Lumbar stenosis

"I really believe that acupuncture helps with my pain. Even my husband said I am in less pain when I have acupuncture every week. My co-worker said I am moving better after acupuncture." -Sharon Eastland from Tukwila on 2-1-2013