Korean and Chinese herbal medicine

We specialize in treating pain. Acupuncture promotes the circulation of the blood and vital energy Qi. Acupuncture removes Stagnation which is the blockage of blood and Qi or pain or inflammation.

We treat the following conditions:

Lower Back and Hip Pain
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Upper Back Pain
Bell’s Palsy
Sports Injuries
Motor Vehicle Injuries
Foot Pain

Sprained Ankles
Post-Fracture Recovery
Pregnancy Support
Postnatal Care

We work with children 7 years and up with ankle sprains and pain symptoms.

We work with teenagers with shoulder pain, lower back pain, headaches, ankle sprains or other symptoms.

We specialize in prescribing Korean and Chinese traditional herbs for the pregnancy support,  postnatal care and other gynecological issues.  We also use herbs for the tonification and balancing of the body constitution and condition.