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Los Angeles JeungSook Han, L.Ac, Ph.D.
ByungHo Jeon, L.Ac.
Monday-Friday 9 am - 6 pm , Saturday 9:00 - 2 pm
327 South Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213)381-5335 fax
For appointments, please call (213) 383 – 8989
or contact .
JeungSook Han, L.Ac., Ph.D. B.A. from DongGuk Royal University, CA in 1987
M.S. from SAMRA University, CA in 1990
Ph.D. from Yuin University, CA in 1993
ByungHo Jeon , L.Ac Attended GyungNam University in Korea
M.S. from South Baylo University, CA in 1995

JeungSook has been actively serving the greater Korean community. She has been a guest speaker at KATV, Good Evening Korea TV Talk Show since 1996. She served the vice president of Korean Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Association in California and is currently a director of that organization.

JeungSook Han has been with Oriental Acupuncture Clinic since 1984. She has been the head acupuncturist and herbalist since 1990.

ByungHo has joined the clinic in 1990 and has been the clinic manager since 2002.

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